UNIPhD: Training the next-generation talents

UNIPhD: Training the next-generation talents

Find out more about “UNIPhD – Eight century legacy of multidisciplinary research and training for the next-generation talents”

The Doctoral Programme UNIPhD at the University of Padua is co-funded by the European Union under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) COFUND of Horizon 2020.

The UNIPhD programme welcomes the most promising Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) coming to the University of Padua from all over the world to pursue a brand new International, Intersectoral, Interdisciplinary and Innovative “training through research” experience.

UNIPhD seeks to train a highly-skilled and versatile future generation of researchers to become successful, responsible and innovative leaders in their fields. UNIPhD aims at enhancing the researchers’ capacity to respond to urgent challenges emerging around us, while boosting their employability in academia and non-academia worldwide.

UNIPhD offers a total of 50 full time fellowships hosted by 25 top level PhD Courses and based on individual projects, encompassing most areas of research.

PhD-fellows will access an extensive research training, complemented with an attractive transversal skills package. They will be exposed to the non-academic sector through secondments. Excellent supervisors will contribute to creating a supportive environment, enabling ESRs to embark on a promising career path.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your most promising future!