Results of Step 2 – Evaluation of the application documents

Results of Step 2 – Evaluation of the application documents

The second step of the UNIPhD selection process – Evaluation of the application documents – has been completed.

A ranking list with the admitted and not admitted candidates for each research topic is available here.

Candidates may access the PICA platform to see their final overall score.

What is next? Find out more about the UNIPhD selection process here.

In accordance with Article 4.1 of the UNIPhD Call for proposals, from the notification of exclusion, candidates have 7 working days to submit a request for redress.

In the redress procedure, the qualified experts’ scientific or technical judgement will not be called into question. A re-evaluation will only be carried out if there is evidence of a shortcoming that affects the final decision on whether the proposal were admitted to the next step or approved for funding. This means, for example, that a problem relating to one evaluation criterion will not lead to a re-evaluation if a proposal has failed on the other criteria. The evaluation score following any re-evaluation will be regarded as definitive. It may be lower than the original score.