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Information engineering


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This proposal aims to enhance autonomous vehicles and road safety by integrating wireless communication and machine learning. It focuses on utilizing radar and camera sensors’ dynamic range and azimuth values to provide reliable connectivity in challenging vehicular scenarios. The research involves developing reliable wireless connectivity method by combining data from these sensors. Data capture, fusion, and maneuver-based prediction using neural networks will be conducted. Real-world implementation and testing will evaluate the algorithm’s performance.



Short bio

Muhammad Sohail completed his bachelors in Computer Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila. He received his masters degree in Computer Science from Riphah International University, Pakistan. His research interests may include Smart cities, Smart transportation, Internet of Vehicles, and Machine learning. Proposed research project investigates and evaluates different solutions for providing reliable wireless connectivity to mobile users in vehicular challenging scenarios based on dynamic range and azimuth value of Radar and Camera sensor.

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Muhammad Sohail


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