Natural objects and artifacts. Topics in analytic metaphysics and semantics



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Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied



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My project lies in providing identity criteria for Strongly Indiscernible Objects. The project aims to have a special focus on the metaphysics of objects, metaphysical explanation and mereology. My general attempt is to provide identity criteria that can be applied to both natural kinds and artifacts. This research will lead to an innovative study that fits within the framework of research on the metaphysics of artifacts and social ontology to enrich the ongoing metaphysical debate about these objects.



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Before completing her BA and MA in Philosophy at the University of Italian Switzerland, Carla Peri grew up in Caltanissetta, Italy. Her primary interest in philosophy is Metaphysics, broadly construed. She is particularly passionate about three main problems concerning the study of concrete particular objects: identity, individuation and unity. Carla has a special focus on grounding, modality, properties and relations and the nature of ontological dependence. She has additional interests in social ontology and political philosophy.

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Carla Peri


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