Science, technology and innovation in the societies of the future

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Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology



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Abstract of the proposed UNIPhD research project


This research project consists in tracking the emergence of quantum communication as a new technology in a varied array of places including: 1) laboratories, where these technologies are developed and studied, 2) EU political institutions, where these technologies are funded and regulated, and 3) media, where these technologies are presented to diverse audiences. In order to assess the emerging relations, practices and enactments entangling these fields, the methodological approach will be the ethnographical exploration of places, documents and people, with particular attention on practices and how they shape the organization of expectations, futures and technoscientific innovations.



Short bio

Lorena-Xiomara González-Acero, original from Bogotá Colombia, is a biologist and Magister in Biochemistry recently in contact with Science and Technology Studies. Her story starts while working in an antitumoral immunotherapy research lab, where she started wondering about what, why and how she was doing science. During this lab re-encounter, lorena-Xiomara have developed a deeper understanding of practices, relations, interfaces and fringe entities. Maybe those understandings let themselves dance around sociotechnical questions choreographing materiality. It is in the interface of these academic fields where she finds her background relevant in this road she calls: STSing the world.

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Lorena-Xiomara González-Acero


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