Sciences, technologies and measurements for space

Sciences, technologies and measurements for space


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Center of Studies and Activities for Space



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In aerospace industry, scientists have always focused on three key factors: noise, fuel consumption, and pollution reduction. The use of 3D printing makes it possible to produce composite parts that are lighter in mass, But, the mechanical properties of products are unknown. The objectives of this study is to identify numerical methods to determine the general mechanical properties of these products from the properties of raw materials. In addition, the study will cover the definition and analysis of easy-debonding interfaces, in hybrid plastic-metallic structures for easier recycling and as result helping environmental protection.



Short bio

Born: 18/12/1992
Education: PhD. Civil/Structural engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2022.
Paper: A coupled peridynamic and finite strip method for analysis of in-plane behaviors of plates with discontinuities.
MSc. Civil engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2017.
paper: Application of modified couple-stress theory to stability and free vibration analysis of single and multi-layered graphene sheets.
BSc. Civil engineering, Isfahan University, Iran, 2015.
Winning scholarship for visiting PhD
Graduated as 2nd top student in MSc
Graduated as 1nd top student in BSc

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Zahra Shafiei


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