Quantum- Bio- and Physics of complex systems: applications in data science, material science and living systems



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Department of Physics and Astronomy



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Exhibiting the extremely strong and well-controllable interatomic interactions, systems composed of neutral Rydberg atoms are shown to be promising candidates for experimental realizations of quantum computing platforms. With the aim of gaining a better understanding of the underlying physical phenomena and improving the quantum system control, we would like to develop and apply the numerical algorithms based on Tensor Network Methods to examine the many-body Rydberg atom systems.



Short bio

Nora Reinić is a physics student graduating at the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. During the study, she worked on the mathematical problems of image processing and experimental nuclear physics, but her main research is focused on the computational quantum many-body physics and its applications to quantum computing. Motivated by the excitement towards discovering and creating the new, she wishes to devote her future career to science and research. Her love for creating extends beyond physics to visual arts and music, which are her lifelong hobbies.

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Nora Reinić


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