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Department of Physics and Astronomy



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Abstract of the proposed UNIPhD research project


My proposed UNIPhD project is related to the neutrino mass ordering determination with the JUNO experiment — the next-generation neutrino experiment under construction in China. The first experimental data are expected to be collected during my UNIPhD project. It is a brilliant opportunity to participate in the physical analysis of the neutrino oscillations properties. Moreover, it’s expected that I will develop high-precision reconstruction algorithms for JUNO data processing and participate in the commissioning of the detector.



Short bio

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree with honours in physics and my Master’s degree with honours in applied mathematics in Russia. My fields of interest are neutrino physics and machine learning (ML) applications. I completed my Master’s thesis on energy reconstruction in the JUNO experiment with ML methods under the supervision of Dr. Yury Malyshkin and Dr. Fedor Ratnikov. I am very grateful to them for their invaluable contribution to my growth as a researcher. My work in JUNO gave me a precious research experience and showed me that the way of the scientist I have chosen is appropriate for me.

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Arsenii Gavrikov


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