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Abstract of the proposed UNIPhD research project


We intend to investigate how Marx would have conceived art in his Introduction of 1857 as well as in the Grundrisse. Our hypothesis is that such conception would have still been permeated by certain aesthetic and historical ideas inherited by him from German Idealism – which would have prevented him to understand more thoroughly the contradiction between art and capital. Departing from the central concept of the “uneven development of art”, proposed by Marx, we intend to trace back such influences on his concept of art and their consequences.



Short bio

Vinícius de Araújo Barreto, 41, Brazilian, has a master’s degree in Arts, by the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master “Crossways in Cultural Narratives”, with passages by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Université de Perpignan Via Domitia and Università Degli Studi di Bergamo. His research subject was the working conditions of Brazilian filmmakers in the context of an international artists’ residency. He also has experience in the public sector in Brazil, having been working as a civil servant at ANCINE, the National Film Agency, for over 15 years.

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Vinícius de Araújo Barreto


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