Arterial hypertension and vascular biology

Arterial hypertension and vascular biology


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Department of Medicine



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This research project aims to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying primary aldosteronism, which is the common form of secondary hypertension. Through a multi-disciplinary approach involving genetic sequencing, protein structure prediction, and pathway analysis, the research aims to identify the genes, proteins, and molecular pathways involved in the development of primary aldosteronism. Furthermore, the research will assess the impact of primary aldosteronism on cardiovascular health and develop novel diagnostic tools for early detection. The outcomes of this research will contribute to scientific knowledge, improve diagnostic accuracy, inform targeted treatments, and enhance health outcomes for individuals affected by primary aldosteronism.


Short bio

Narjis Khatoon was born in Parachinar, Pakistan. She was awarded Master of Science (Major in Biosciences) degree at Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad, Pakistan in 2022. She earned Gold Medal in her Master’s degree and Bronze Medal in her Bachelor’s degree. Her research focused on the Whole Genome Sequencing, genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of the human head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis). She had submitted many partial genes of different organisms, as well as the whole genome sequence of the human head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis), to NCBI under Accession ID JARDYY000000000. She had contributed in publishing book chapters on Pharmacogenomics and Role of Mosquito Microbiome in Insecticide Resistance.

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Narjis Khatoon


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