Linguistic change in morphology, syntax and phonology

Linguistic, philological and literary sciences


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Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies



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The research project aims to analyze the structural and functional specifics of the development of free direct speech as a relatively young type of transmission of someone else’s speech in the English and German languages.

The work will clarify the status of free indirect speech and prove that it is an independent type of transmission of someone else’s speech, carrying out its development in the English and German languages receives a structural and grammatical design and has a semantic originality when functioning in the literary texts of the 20th and 21st centuries.



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Albina Kildeeva has completed her BA studies in Linguistics and Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s in Social Sciences and Languages at the University of Córdoba, Spain. After finishing BA studies, she spent one year in the United States at Johns Hopkins University, working as TA within Fulbright programme. Her research interests include comparative linguistics, language acquisition and grammatical theory (syntax and semantics).

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Albina Kildeeva


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