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Superheated reservoirs are considered efficient geothermal energy. However, the continuous extractions and reinjections of fluids during exploitations have the potential to induce seismicity. Therefore, understanding the nature of fluid-rock interactions and their relationships to the seismic cycle along faults under geothermal conditions is critical. By performing rock deformation experiments and high-resolution microanalyses, this project will provide a basic understanding of the mechanochemical reactions and deformation mechanisms typical of faulting in stimulated geothermal reservoirs.



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Wei-Hsin Wu had her M.S. (2022) and B.S. (2020) degrees from the Department of Earth Sciences at National Central University, Taiwan. Her work is interdisciplinary, spanning the fields of serpentinite and experimental rock deformation. Specifically, she focused on studying the seismic faulting and the associate seismic indicators on serpentinite by integrating field observations (Wu et al., 2020), low-to-high velocity rotary-shear experiments (Wu and Kuo, 2021 AGU), and high-resolution microanalyses (Wu et al., 2022 EGU). In her next step, she will start her PhD in Geoscience at UNIPD.

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Wei-Hsin Wu


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