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Psychological sciences


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Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation



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Processing visual information has an essential role in our life, in case of brain injuries (TBI), or neurodegenerative diseases (ND) this ability declines. In this research, we would like to train visual process and perception in order to improve the visual processing speed and therefore improve cognitive domains such as speed of process, Visual Short-term memory and visual thresholds. Also in this research, we would like to use AI as modeling tools to predict, improve and decline consequences in patients and innovate new treatments for people with TBI and/or Ndsrm outcomes or response to interventions in neurological populations.



Short bio

Mohammad Ahsan Khodami is a cognitive neuroscience researcher. He is graduated from Ural Federal University under Open-Door International Olympiad Scholarship with a master in Cognitive neuroscience.
He has worked with laboratory of Neurotechnology as Research assistant and Lab of Neuroscience, brain and learning at LinguaMed group. His interests are visual processing, attention, memory and learning.
He has a very strong motivation in applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning in research and modelling. He has been served as a reviewer with international journals.

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Mohammad Ahsan Khodami


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