Management engineering and real estate economics

Management engineering and real estate economics


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Department of Management and Engineering



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The rapid advancement of technology stands as a paramount challenge for businesses. Fostering knowledge creation within firms becomes imperative in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Utilizing gamification can enhance employee engagement, ultimately bolstering companies’ capacity for generating novel knowledge. The ongoing evolution of jobs shifts the focus of employees, transforming them from passive recipients of trainer-imparted information into proactive architects of knowledge. This revolutionary change empowers companies to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing environment.



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Behrooz Moradi, holding an MBA degree graduated from University of Kurdistan (Iran), is a Ph.D. candidate with a rich academic and professional experience. His research interests focuses on Knowledge Management, Gamification, and Organizational Learning. He has won awards for academic excellence, including Bright Talent and Eminent Student. With eight years as an administrative affairs deputy, he is well-versed in learning and knowledge construction.

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Behrooz Moradi


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