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Industrial engineering


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We have seen a growing appreciation for sustainability and “greenness” in chemicals and materials manufacturing over the years. To preserve the environment, it is essential to think and act in terms of sustainable development. Therefore, the focus of this research project is on eliminating toxic components of paints and replacing them with nontoxic alternatives. This PhD aims to develop a novel approach to anticorrosive paint formulations using nontoxic nanocomposites as anticorrosive additives, based on various metals as well as organic polymers of different nature and morphologies.



Short bio

Lorena Kostelac is a young chemical engineer who specializes in electrochemistry and corrosion protection of materials. She is a recent graduate from the University of Zagreb. The Dean’s award (Magna cum laude) and the Rector’s award (for socially useful work in academia and the wider community) were awarded to her in 2018 and 2019. During her last year of university, she participated in an Erasmus+ Traineeship at the UNIPD as part of the „Metallurgia“ research group. The internship resulted in publishing a scientific paper and awarding two research grants at the UNIPD.

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Lorena Kostelac


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