Global change and trophic interactions in agricultural and forest systems

Crop science


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Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment



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The effect of global change on the multi-trophic interactions in agricultural systems: the case of the insect pests and their biocontrol agents. In modern agriculture, alternatives to conventional pest management can be based on the promotion of biodiversity functional to biological pest control. Some insect pests, in particular the invasive ones, can represent severe threats for crop production and causes severe yield/revenue losses. Integrated pest management strategies need to be adapted to a changing climate, so it is crucial to study the impact of climatic factors on tri-trophic interactions involving plants, pests and their natural enemies.



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Guillaume Serra is a young French man, actually living and working in Guadeloupe (France) in the Caribbean. He comes from South-East France (Provence). Orange (yes, it’s also a fruit and a color…) is his hometown but he has studied at the University of Avignon where he graduated a Master of Engineering in management and quality of plant products. Thanks to these studies, he had the chance to go abroad to study in Spain and Greece and work as trainee in Italy. As scientist, he decided to specialize in plant health and crop protection finding new ways to fight against pests and diseases. By doing so, he would like to be part of the cutting-edge research in order to improve the world. Guillaume loves his relatives and like to spend time with them during family reunion or just around a coffee at home to talk for hours. As hobbies, he likes to go out with friends but also appreciate hiking, climbing but more generally everything all around the nature. He’s always ready for the next trips and adventures!

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Guillaume Serra


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