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In order to make CAVs travel safer, this industry must be protected from cyber-attacks. We will deploy a dome of multiple protective layers around data sharing nodes. The work will cover (i) internal security of vehicles, (ii) vehicle to infrastructure security layers and (iii) security of vehicles under platoons. We will distinct our work by leveraging existing expertise in data and privacy protection and build a strong foundation for CAVs security. We will focus on three different aspects. (i) cyber-attacks development and protection mechanism, (ii) enabling technical methods to ensure service continuity and, (iii) threat identification mechanism to protect user’s track and trace.



Short bio

Ahmad Hassan is a UNIPhD Fellow enrolled in the interdisciplinary Brain, Mind, and Computer Science programme, jointly offered by the Department of General Psychology and the Department of Mathematics at UNIPD. As a passionate researcher, he is an integral member of The SPRITZ Security and Privacy Research Group, spearheaded by the esteemed Prof. Mauro Conti. He is also collaborating member of Network Security Lab, UW, Seattle. He holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and Technology from JXNU, China. His primary focus lies in the dynamic field of Cyber Security. His research encompasses several crucial domains, including:
– Vehicular Security
– Internet of Vehicles (IoVs)
– Network Security
– Machine Learning Security
He is the recipient of the ANSO Scholarship and the Chinese Government Scholarship, both prestigious accolades in China’s academic landscape. His prowess in research is evidenced by his participation in “The 6th China International Internet+ Competition (2020)”, where he led a team and secured Gold and Bronze prizes for JXNU.
He is deeply committed to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in his chosen areas of expertise. His research endeavors aim to contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving landscape of Cyber security, safeguarding critical systems and information in the face of emerging threats for Autonomous Vehicles.

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Ahmad Hassan


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