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In order to make CAVs travel safer, this industry must be protected from cyber-attacks. We will deploy a dome of multiple protective layers around data sharing nodes. The work will cover (i) internal security of vehicles, (ii) vehicle to infrastructure security layers and (iii) security of vehicles under platoons. We will distinct our work by leveraging existing expertise in data and privacy protection and build a strong foundation for CAVs security. We will focus on three different aspects. (i) cyber-attacks development and protection mechanism, (ii) enabling technical methods to ensure service continuity and, (iii) threat identification mechanism to protect user’s track and trace.



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My name is Ahmad Hassan and I am from Pakistan. I graduated from Jiangxi Normal University, China in 2022 with a master’s degree in Computer Science. I was honored to be a part of the team who earned Gold & Bronze prizes for my Alma meter in the 6th China International Internet+ Competition, and I will keep on paving my way for such achievements at the University of Padua. I am eager to learn advanced skills to contribute to societal growth. I am blessed with a great opportunity at UNIPD, and I promise to pay a great reward back. I will accomplish my goals with the due support of my teachers, colleagues, and family.

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Ahmad Hassan


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