Advanced mechatronics technologies for future competitive industrial and logistics systems under the digital change

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With depletion of natural resources and growing problem of climate change, necessity to transfer to renewable sources is higher than ever. Renewables are mostly connected to existing grid via the grid connected inverters (GCIs). These inverters can have negative impact on grid stability, which cannot be neglected. Different control strategies of GCIs can reduce negative impact on grid stability and improve grid robustness, so the goal of this research is to examine effects of existing and propose new control methods for GCIs.



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I’m Lazar Stojanović, student interested in pursuing Power electronics PhD from Belgrade, Serbia. I have finished Bachelor and currently finishing Master studies in School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. My professional interest involves power electronics(PE), designing of control algorithms and their digital implementation and artificial intelligence. During studies, I was a member of IFEC student team, which enabled me to design and test PE converters in laboratory. This inspired me to broaden my knowledge in this area and publish several paper with my coworkers.

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Lazar Stojanović


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