Annual Network Meeting 2024 - Researchers' Career Development: Tools and Perspectives

07jun9:00 am5:00 pmAnnual Network Meeting 2024 - Researchers' Career Development: Tools and PerspectivesUNIPhD - Training for the Next-Generation Talents

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Register here and participate in the second UNIPhD Annual Network Meeting, taking place on Friday, 7 June 2024 at the Fiore di Botta Building, in Padua.

The event focuses on Tools and Perspectives for the Researchers’ Career Development  and will raise the awareness of UNIPhD Fellows regarding skills useful to enrich their scientific profile and consolidate their expertise, in industry and academia. UNIPhD Fellows will be challenged to present their research progress through a poster competition. Winners will be recognized a prize in the Closing Ceremony. National and International speakers will share different strategies, actions and tools to support career and talent development in research. The initiative will be a great opportunity for networking and meeting the 50 Fellows recruited on the UNIPhD project, their Supervisors, UNIPhD Governing Bodies and partners, as well as local stakeholders.



June 7, 2024 9:00 am - 5:00 pm(GMT+02:00)


Fiore di Botta, University of Padua

Via del Pescarotto, 8, 35131 Padova PD

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Speakers for this event

  • Edoardo Nicoli

    Edoardo Nicoli


    Dow Chemical Company

    Edoardo Nicoli works as a Research
    Scientist at Dow’s Core R&D Materials Science group in Midland, Michigan.
    In his role, he contributes a creative perspective in developing advanced material solutions that are applied in Automotive (EV), Construction, Sport Equipment, and Composite Products. Originally from Vicenza, Italy, Edoardo has a background in Mechanical Engineering from the Università di Padova and a
    Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech. Edoardo’s focus areas include adhesion, fracture mechanics, durability, and high-throughput research.Beyond
    his technical contributions, Edoardo is passionate about mentorship and coaching. He recognizes the transformative power of personal and professional
    development and has actively mentored junior researchers and students at Dow,
    Padova, and Virginia Tech. Through his guidance and support, Edoardo hopes to
    help the next generation of STEM leaders to thrive in their professional lives.


  • Fabio Zwirner

    Fabio Zwirner

    Vice Rector for Research

    University of Padua

    Vice-Rector for Research and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy since 2005. Ph.D. at SISSA in 1987, then at UC Berkeley, CERN, INFN-Padova, University of Rome Sapienza, Author of more than 100 scientific publications. Member (2015-2020) and then vice-president (2019-2020) of the European Research Council (ERC). Member of the Steering Committee of the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (2104-2022).

    Vice Rector for Research

  • Massimiliano Zattin

    Massimiliano Zattin

    Vice Rector for Postgraduate and Doctorate Programmes

    University of Padua

    Massimiliano Zattin is a Full Professor at the Department of Geosciences. Over the past ten years, he has been involved in governance roles such as director of the PhD School and member of the Academic Senate. Since 2021, he has been appointed as Vice Rector for Postgraduate and Doctorate Programmes. He is the author of over one hundred publications in international scientific journals. Main research interests are about quantification of geologic processes and, in particular, the relationships between tectonics, erosion, sedimentation and climate.

    Vice Rector for Postgraduate and Doctorate Programmes

  • Massimo Mastromatteo

    Massimo Mastromatteo

    Physicist P.h.D.

    Pietro Fiorentini SpA

    Massimo Mastromatteo received the master Degree in Physics in 2006, the PhD Degree in
    Materials Science in 2010 and the Master in Open Innovation Management in 2022, both from Università degli Studi di Padova. He worked as a post-doc fellow of Univesità degli Studi di Padova since 2010 to 2015. He has been co-author of more than 20 peerreviewed articles, 4 as first author, and he presented his scientific works in international meetings. He has been working in R&D Department of Pietro Fiorentini SpA since 2016. His main R&D areas are metering, gas quality, and hydrogen. He is involved in collaboration with universities and testing labs. He was the project manager of Hy4Heat-WP10 Pietro Fiorentini’s project: realization of dual fuel gas meter (natural gas, blends and pure hydrogen). He is member of one standardization working group of CEN TC 237 “Gas meters”.

    Physicist P.h.D.

  • Michele Rosa-Clot

    Michele Rosa-Clot

    HRS4R Portfolio Manager

    European Commission

    Michele works since 2019 as HRS4R Portfolio manager at DG RTD in the Unit ERA, Spreading Excellence, and Research Careers (NTTData contractor). In that position, he contributes to the overall development of the Charter & Code and manages and coordinates the entire process for its implementation via the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). In the previous seven years, Michele worked in DG GROW in the Directorate for the Galileo Satellite system. An Italian
    national and a former international researcher, Michele holds a Doctoral degree in Political Science from the University of Pisa (Italy) and a M.A. in History from the City University of New York (USA). As a Fulbright scholar, he spent several years studying, researching, and teaching in New York City before coming back to Europe in Brussels, where he is based since 2004.

    HRS4R Portfolio Manager

  • Pierangelo Gobbo

    Pierangelo Gobbo

    Associate Professor

    University of Trieste

    Pierangelo Gobbo received his BSc (2008) and MSc (2010) in Chemistry at the University of Padua (Italy) and his PhD in 2016 at the University of Western Ontario (Canada). In 2016 he joined the research group of Prof. Stephen Mann FRS at the University of Bristol (UK) as an NSERC of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow first, and then as an EU Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow. In 2019 Pierangelo started his independent research career at the School of Chemistry of the University of Bristol under a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship (Assistant Professorship). In October 2021 Pierangelo moved to the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Trieste (Italy) where he is pioneering the first strategies to use synthetic cells (or “protocells”) as foundational units to assemble free-standing tissue-like materials with complex 3D architectures and programmable bio-inspired emergent behaviours. During his academic career Pierangelo was awarded with Italy’s Giacomo Ciamician Medal for Organic Chemistry (2021) award, UK’s EPSRC New Investigator Award (2020), and Canada’s
    Governor General’s Gold Medal. He is PI on a ERC Starting Grant 2021 and co-coordinator of an EIC Pathfinder Open 2022 and other National research projects.

    Associate Professor

  • Sara Raponi

    Sara Raponi

    Career Service

    University of Padua

    Sara Raponi, an Organizational
    Psychologist, began her professional journey as an HR Consultant at an international Advisory Company, specializing in talent assessment. Since 2015, she has been a member of the Career Service at the University of Padova. Here, she offers career guidance services, assisting students and graduates in navigating the transition from academia to the labor market. Sara also plays a crucial role in managing projects aimed at facilitating this transition, including the Mentor&Me programme, which provides participants with the
    opportunity to engage with professionals, managers, and experts to delve deeper into specific career fields.

    Career Service

  • Serena Cheren

    Serena Cheren

    Project Manager

    APRE - Agency for the Promotion of the European Research

    Serena Cheren joined APRE – Agency for the Promotion of the European Research – in 2019, where she is Project Manager, part of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Action (MSCA) Competence Team, Euraxess team and trainer.

    Serena holds a Master degree in Science of International Relations at the University of Turin in Italy, after which she attended two Master Courses at SIOI – Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale – in European Funding & Internationalization of Enterprises; and Communication and lobbying in International Relations.

    Project Manager

  • Silvia Benavides Varela

    Silvia Benavides Varela

    Associate Professor

    University of Padua

    Silvia Benavides Varela is an Associate Professor affiliated to the Department of Developmental and Social Psychology and Department of Neurosciences at Padua University. She completed her training as biotechnology engineer with honors in Costa Rica (TEC) and obtained a Ph.D in Neuroscience from SISSA, Trieste. She then worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the IRCSS San Camillo Hospital in Venice, and the Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception (CNRS & Université Paris Descartes), in Paris, France. The most important part of her research focused on developing new methods for unveiling the initial state of memory capacities in humans, the environmental factors that modulate learning, and the properties of the brain systems that support language and mathematic achievements across the life-span. She uses a range of neuroimaging techniques in combination with behavioral metrics and analyses, both in healthy and in clinical populations. In recognition of her empirical contribution to the scientific research, her work has been entitled 2 Dissertation Awards (by International Conference for Infant Studies in 2012 & Italian Association of Psychology in 2013), honorable mention as outstanding young researcher (2013), and the best publication in the field of developmental psychology (Italian Association of Psychology in 2016). Her work has been previously financed through a competitive collaborative grant from the Italian Ministry of Research (PRIN-2017), an individual grant from Padua University (MINI project within the STARS program 2020) and from Pfizer (2020).

    Associate Professor


    • June 7, 2024
    • 9 a.m. Welcome coffee, Registration of Participants, Access to Poster Session9 a.m.- 10.30 a.m.
    • 10.30 a.m. Welcome greetings10.30 a.m.- 10.45 a.m.
      Speakers: Fabio Zwirner, Massimiliano Zattin
    • 10.45 a.m. The New European Charter for Researchers10.45 a.m.- 11.15 a.m.

      To respond to the new priorities, the new policies, and new challenges that emerged since its adoption in 2005, the “European Charter for Researchers & the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers” recently underwent an important process of revision.

      This presentation will focus on this evolution and will provide an overview on the Charter & Code, its relevance for researchers and research Institution, and on the process and the rationale for the transition to the European Charter for Researchers (2023).

      The presentation will also provide updates on the state of the Charter implementation via the process to obtain and maintain the HR Excellence in Research award, and will mention some of its future developments.

      Speakers: Michele Rosa-Clot
    • 11.15 a.m. Euraxess – Researchers in Motion11.15 a.m.- 11.45 a.m.

      Tools to support researchers in advancing their career, identifying funding and hosting opportunities

      Speakers: Serena Cheren
    • 11.45 a.m. Careers in Business and Academia: Researcher’s how-tos11.45 a.m.- 12.15 p.m.

      From Academia to Industry through Mentorship and Networking

      The transition from academia to industry represents a crucial juncture in the professional journey. This transition is often characterized by challenges related to navigating unfamiliar domains, acquiring new skills, and establishing meaningful connections within the industrial landscape. In this presentation, we delve into the role of mentorship and networking as critical catalysts for facilitating a successful transition for PhDs and young researchers.

      Speakers: Edoardo Nicoli, Sara Raponi
    • 12.15 p.m. “UNIPhD towards Global Challenges” Competition – Turning researchers’ ideas into actions12.15 p.m.- 12.45 p.m.

      The European highest standards for the evaluation of postdoctoral research inspire a unique call for individual proposals, pursuing UNIPhD fellows’ most ambitious research goals

    • 12.45 p.m. Lunch Break and Poster Competition12.45 p.m.- 2 p.m.

      Vote for the best UNIPhD Fellows’ poster 

    • 2 p.m. Research is a serious business – Roundtable2 p.m.- 4 p.m.

      Invited speakers will share their perspectives on research careers and talent development

      Speakers: Massimo Mastromatteo, Pierangelo Gobbo, Silvia Benavides Varela
    • 4 p.m. Awards and Closing Ceremony4 p.m.- 5 p.m.

      Presentation of the three nominees for the best poster

      Winners’ announcement and award

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