Enrolment procedure

Starting from 27 July to 4 August 2023 funded candidates must register in the University online system UNIWEB and complete the online enrolment form, providing the following mandatory documents, duly completed, whose templates will be sent via e-mail to each UNIPhD Fellow:
Place Acceptance Form, Declaration form for project-linked bindings, Documentation relevant to the Second cycle degree.

According to the Call for admission to the UNIPhD COFUND PhD Courses 2023/2024, Fellows whose entry academic qualification has not yet been awarded will be enrolled sub condicione as not yet in possession of the qualification required for admission. This must be awarded no later than 30 September 2023, under penalty of exclusion from the PhD programme.

UNIPhD Fellows coming from extra EU countries are required to pre-enrol also within the Universitaly portal. All the necessary information is available here.

Failure to enrol by the deadline will be considered as renunciation of the UNIPhD place, which will be subsequently assigned to the next candidate in the reserve list.

Candidates on the reserve list accepting a vacant place will be invited to perform their enrolment procedures from 25 to 31 August 2023.

UNIPhD Fellows selected for the PhD Course Arterial Hypertension and Vascular Biology will formally enrol at the Sapienza University of Rome and follow a different enrollment procedure.

Organising your stay:
practical information

Read carefully the UNIPhD Welcome Guide for instructions on how to prepare for your arrival in Padua and advice on how to organise your stay in the city. Relevant information concern: