Trusted Intermediary

Prof. Michelangelo Vianello


Michelangelo Vianello is Associate Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Padova. He studies personnel psychology, work as a calling, and the replicability of scientific knowledge. He is a passionate fan of Open and Transparent Scientific Practices. He authored more than 100 publications, some of which appeared in high-impact journals such as Science and PNAS. He serves as an editor or reviewer for many scientific outlets and for the European Research Council.

Within the UNIPhD project, he serves as Trusted Intermediary with the goal of fostering a high-quality, effective, and meaningful relationship between PhD students and their advisors. In the selection phase of the programme, he helps the Executive Board to identify and coordinate the counsellor/motivational experts working during Step 3 of the evaluation process. He ensures the wellbeing of ESRs, acting as a reference point throughout their enrolment. He mediates potential ESRs’ conflicts with the supervisor and directs to appropriate Support Services in case ESRs face stress or psychological suffering.