Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) main duties concern the scheduling and managing of project activities adopting the decisions made by the Executive Board. The TC also collects and analyses project implementation data, prepares internal reports for the EB and periodic financial and activity reports for the European Commission. During the selection process, it is in charge of assessing applicants’ eligibility and responds to redress requests.

Dr. Andrea Berti

Dr. Andrea Berti is the Managing Director of Unipd Research and Business Relations Area and the Programme Manager (PM) of the UNIPhD Programme. Expert in the protection and valorisation of public research results and business planning of innovative enterprises. Former member of the Board of Directors of Netval, Proton Europe and PNI Cube, and of ANVUR’s Third Mission Expert Commission. Previously, he directed the Human Resources and Finance areas of the University of Padua. Before that he worked in various banks and in the strategic consultancy company McKinsey Italy. He holds a degree in Economic Statistics and an MBA from Dartmouth College (USA).

As Programme Manager of the UNIPhD Programme, he coordinates the Technical Committee and supervise the UNIPhD management, assuring the allocation of financial resources, the correct application of all procedures and effective communication between all participants of UNIPhD.


Dr. Francesca Mura

Francesca Mura is the Head of the International Research Office (IRO). She coordinates the working groups (Individual Projects Unit, Collaborative Projects Unit and EU_Research_Hub@Unipd
Unit) that assist researchers in accessing international funds and especially funding opportunities offered by the European Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. The research support services which she manages are addressed to individual researchers as well as research teams and cover the pre-award / post-award phase, as well the proposal writing activity.

She is responsible for the implementation of specific programmes promoted by the University of Padua, financing excellent individual research projects and training initiatives dedicated to PhD candidates, researchers and staff members. Prior to her current appointment she has worked in the field of academic planning, managing mobility programmes and joint degree courses. She acted as project manager for European funded projects concerning research (Horizon2020, 6th Framework Programme, Structural Funds) and Higher Education (Erasmus+).

Dr. Elena Pavan

Elena Pavan is the Head of the PhD Office of the University of Padova. Previously, she worked at the Technology Transfer Office for twelve years (four as Head of the Office) and was Head of the Research sector in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences for one year. She has a Master degree in Law and Economics, a Master in University and Research Management at PoliMi and a Master in Human Resource Evaluation, Training and Development at the University of Padova.

Tania Cirkic

UNIPhD Management Team

Anna Petra Ruoso


UNIPhD Management Team

Francesca Masetti

Former member of the UNIPhD Management Team