About UNIPhD

“UNIPhD – Eight century legacy of multidisciplinary research and training for the next-generation talents” is a MSCA-COFUND Doctoral Programme at the University of Padua offering 50 fellowships (36-month long) to transnational Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) choosing to come to Italy to pursue their PhD studies, in all scientific areas.

Of the 50 UNIPhD Fellows currently attending the programme, 4 have been elected as representatives (Alfredo Pherez Farah, Aisling Rachael Sealy Phelan,  Yash Vyas, Atta Ul Mustafa).


UNIPhD Managing Bodies

Programme Coordinator (PC) is the Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Fabio Zwirner. The PC chairs the Executive Board (EB) and works in close contact with the Programme Manager (PM). The PC is responsible for the correct communication and implementation of all aspects of UNIPhD.

Programme Manager (PM) is Dr. Andrea Berti, Managing Director of the Unipd Research and Business Relations Area. The PM’s role is to supervise the UNIPhD management, assuring the allocation of financial resources, the correct application of all procedures and effective communication between all participants of UNIPhD.

Executive Board (EB) is the decision-making body responsible for the overall coordination, implementation, and monitoring of the Programme. The EB is composed of 13 members from academic and non-academic sectors.

Supervisory Board (SB) is the organ that bridges UNIPhD with the entire academic community of Unipd. The SB is composed of the Coordinators (or their designated delegates) of the 25 Doctoral Courses participating in UNIPhD and 4 ESR-representatives, (Alfredo Pherez Farah, Aisling Rachael Sealy Phelan, Yash Vyas, Atta Ul Mustafa elected by all UNIPhD-ESRs for 3 years. The SB members designate a Chair-person among the Coordinators.

UNIPhD Ethics Committee is responsible in assessing ethical issues on the projects proposed by UNIPhD Fellows in the starting phase of their PhD activities. Fellows must refer to the Committee in case any ethical issues arise during the course of the doctoral programme. It is composed of 10 members with a specific role in the University and a field of expertise that cover the particularly broad spectrum of disciplinary areas that characterises UNIPhD. Professor Antonio Paoli, Vice-Rector of Wellness and Sport, acts as Committee Coordinator.

External Advisory Board (EAB) provides unbiased external judgment on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Programme and, if any shortcoming emerges. The EAB comprises internationally recognized scientists as well as independent experts on doctoral training supervision, Career development and Research project evaluation.

Trusted Intermediary (TI)  is a professor of the University of Padua, Prof. Michelangelo Vianello. He ensures the wellbeing of ESRs, acting as a reference point throughout their enrolment.

External Expert on Virtual and Exchange Mobility (VEEM) Prof. Miriam Hauck, senior lecturer of Linguistics at the Department of Languages of the Open University of London, provides advice and recommendations for efficiently organising virtual mobility actions.

Technical Committee (TC) is coordinated by the PM and includes the Head of the International Research Office (IRO) and the Head of the PhD Office supported by two dedicated resources recruited for the project. The TC main duties concern the scheduling and managing of project activities adopting the decisions made by the EB.

Scientific Evaluation Committees (SECs) carry out the evaluation procedures during steps 2 and 3 of the selection process. The EB coordinates and supervises the recruitment process and appoints the 25 Scientific Evaluation Committees (SECs).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 101034319 and from the European Union – NextGenerationEU